Rates • Policies • Availability

Rates in my relaxing Woodstock location:

 60 Minute Massage Therapy ~ $75
 90 Minute Massage Therapy ~ $105
120 Minute Massage Therapy ~ $135

Craniosacral Work Session ~ $105
(approximately 90 minutes)

90 Minute Traditional Thai Massage ~ $105
120 Minute Traditional Thai Massage ~ $135

Outcall Appointments also available:  
additional $40
(( in the comfort of the client's home or office ))

Auto and Work related injuries: 
Treatments are offered in David's office with absolutely no cost to the client for clients with a prescription from a doctor, and an open Auto or Workers' Comp insurance claim without any Managed Care Organization.

On-site chair massage 
For office staff and events. 
$75 per hour  (with a minimum of 2 hours)

In–office Availability:
Available times are Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am through 6 pm and possibly other times by appointment.

Other times may be available by calling. 

Please Call 503.522.5550

Or, Click HERE to schedule online through
Schedulicity – a trusted, on-line scheduling service. 

Cancellation policy:
A notice of 6 hours is required for all cancellations.
A $50 fee may apply to any cancellations with less notice.
Exceptions are always made for emergency situations.

The above rates are based on payment at the time of service and are considered discounted. Treatments paid for after the date of service, paid either by the client or a third, party are billed at a higher rate. 

     Treatment code 97124 is billed at 38.75 per unit. 
     Treatment code 97140 is billed at 48.75 per unit.

Insurance Billing:

Treatment for Motor Vehicle Accident and Workers' Comp related claims are billed directly to the insurance company with no out-of-pocket cost to the client. 

No one with necessity turned away for lack of funds!

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