Here's what clients have said:

I have been seeing David for almost two years. He is amazing. I definitely recommend seeing him. I have been to many massage therapists and David is by far the best.
~Corene E. 

David is perhaps the finest massage therapist I have ever worked with.  He has very good intuition / communication with the body, and moves slowly enough to let the muscles relax when they are ready. Also, very cozy, relaxing, peaceful studio/ work space. I felt very safe & attended to.   BOTTOM LINE: his skill and presence of mind make for a VERY effective, therapeutic experience.     
–Alison M.

David is a great massage therapist! He's skilled and knowledgeable but equally important he readily perceives what needs addressing. I had several massages in a short period of time and noticed how structurally my body is responding. Not only does he alleviate the stress but his work shifts the pattern that is holding the pain. I highly recommend David and would use his services again.
~Bette S. 

I VERY HIGHLY  recommend him to anyone.  

–Alison M. 

I have received massages from David and found him to be a skillful, effective and intuitive professional. As a physician I can attest that his work is far beyond most therapists in his field. David has advanced training and he understands the mechanics and physiology of the deeper body tissues that often become imbalance. You will feel renewed after a session with David. 

~Pamela J. 

David is an excellent massage therapist who listens to my concerns and addresses them with his excellent skill set. Highly recommend!

~Susan T. 

David is a rare find in therapists. I have been a client for over a year and have been extremely impressed with his massages and his knowledge about the physical body and healing in general. I suffered a car accident injury and he's been helping me to rehab and accepts insurance too. He is very attentive and makes sure he knows before he begins his work what is going to be the most beneficial for the session. He is always on time, flexible when I am not, and is conveniently located in the Woodstock neighborhood. I am sad because I moved away and have not been able to find anyone near as fantastic. Thank you David! 

~Layla B. 

I David is a highly skilled massage therapist who can do the perfect level of deep tissue massage.  He accepts insurance for auto accident claims, if necessary.  He also has a wonderful personality, which I am sure would be calming to any person receiving a massage. 
~Jennie C. 

David is a fabulous massage therapist. The depth of his knowledge is very impressive. He is extremely professional and really makes an effort to understand his clients. His studio is beautiful, warm and inviting. David has wonderful contacts and resources and will not hesitate to refer clients to other health practitioners if he feels they would be better served with them (either instead of or in conjunction with him). He truly puts his clients first. 
~Tina G. 

David Jacob is one of the most talented masseurs I've ever known.   His knowledge of the body and the mind come together in his work, which is both kind and effective.  I recommend him completely.

~Renshin B. 

I have received several massages from David and each experience has been exceptional. My first few massages were received during my marathon training. He made sure to address my specific sporting needs and movement concerns and even spoke to me about the physiology of running and how it effects the body. He was not only a massage therapist, but an expert on how to prevent injury, recover from strenuous exercise, and sustain overall body health with sound posture. I would highly recommend David, especially if you have a specific concern that needs to be addressed by a knowledgeable professional.

~Amelia A. 

David is one of the very best therapists Ive ever had. He is the finest combination of skill, intuition, empathy and knowledge. He has a friendly, calm , reassuring demeanor that I find very helpful when I'm wiped out  and ready for a healing massage. 
~Karen G. 

David is a very talented intuitive massage therapist. Attentive to my requests and my limitations. I highly recommend him.

~Mimi S. 

David took the time to listen to what I wanted and had the experience and skills to follow through with the my trouble area. Being a LMT myself, its hard to find a really good LMT's, and I just found one! - Thank you David!
~Phoenix G. 

I've been getting massages for over 30 years and David Jacob is by far the best massage therapist I've ever had the pleasure to work with. He's a gifted healer when I need help with more acute issues - and my go to source relief of general stress and tension. David's extensive knowledge of the body and different massage and body healing techniques goes beyond anything I've experienced. There's no cookie cutter approach here. I don't know what he's doing as I lie there, blissed out, but regardless my physical and mental state when I arrive, I invariably leave feeling completely relaxed, loose, and pain and tension free. He's attentive and really listens to you. Before he starts he'll find out what's going on with you by talking. And then his hands do the "listening" as they work their magic, locating areas that need attention and doing just what needs to be done to relax, rejuvenate, and heal my entire body and mind. I also really enjoy his lovely massage studio space, an oasis of tasteful serenity and charm. I feel good being in the space, just another layer of benefit to the entire experience. And the fact that he prices his massages so reasonably allows me to make massage a regular part of my life. David has my very highest recommendation! 

~Kim F. 

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